Removing a Kitchen Wall... with your help


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Removing a Kitchen Wall... with your help

Hi all,

I'm trying to plan a kitchen remodel and would like to remove a 10' wall that is currently supporting overlapping joists in the attic.

Here are the dimensions of the kitchen after the wall is gone

Here is a photo of the exterior.

The space above the kitchen is 23' deep with joists crossing the existing wall at 8' by 12' wide by 7' tall (from top of joist to top of roof spine).

9' (2x6) overlapping to 5' (2x7) on one side of the center beam and 10' 2x7 on the other side of the center beam.

I notice the rest of the house which has a larger span using 2x9's

I'm wondering how I can support the ceiling joists from above with minimal changes encroaching in the kitchen.

I could tie into the existing roof rafters, or sister the new joints or replace joists with larger joists.

Ultimately the space in the attic will be a walk in closet and there is not much snow anymore in north carolina so it won't need to support a heavy load. But of course i want to do it right.

I'll include a few more pics of the attic to try and make my sketchy description more clear.

excuse the mess please:

this is directly above the wall:

the 2x7 side

the 2x6 side that shows where it steps up to 2x9 in the rest of the house (wall stops at the 2x9)

one more angle looking into the main part of the house. the wall we are taking out stops before the beams increase from 2x7 to 2x9:

this shows both sides and the center support (not sure what its called):

Here is what the kitchen looks like. The wall to be removed in the foreground. the next doorway is a converted sunporch past the original exterior wall:

this is looking from the doorway of the wall to be removed:

So hopefully a picture or 10 is worth a thousand words. I can provide more info or photos if need be. I'd like to do much of this myself. If you think this is a bad idea i'd like to hear that as well.

Thanks in advance everyone!

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First off - You can not hang anything from the rafters.

It looks like a fairly short wall you are talking about removing. You can probably cut in a beam to support the ceiling joist and hang them from it. This would require a temporary wall be built to support each section of the ceiling. The you cut the joist and ceiling the width of your beam and slide it into place. Having the attic above will allow you to make the beam flush on the ceiling side. You will have to open the walls on each end to add posts for the beam (make sure they are bearing properly). It would be a good idea to have an engineer give you the beam size.

Good luck
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So I would have to use posts in the kitchen then?

Is there a way to reinforce the ceiling only from above??

If i must use posts in the kitchen, is it possible to conceal them inside the walls? IE how big do the posts have to be? 4x4s? 4x6s?
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No, the posts would be in the walls at the ends of the beam. The beam will be flush with the ceiling framing.
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4x4 should work, but I would let an engineer determine this as well.

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