Jack or Level with Shims ?


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Jack or Level with Shims ?

I am renovating an old house. The kitchen floor slopes from the center of the room to the outside wall by 3" over 5'. It appears the foundation wall was built lower than required causing the floor to slope from a supporting beam under the kitchen to the outside wall. My question; Should I jack the sill (outside wall -single story) to level the floor or rip up the subfloor and sister new joist in to level the floor? Can I jack the outside wall and shim between the sill and the foundation?
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Is this a one or two story house? How old a house is it? Are there other houses like yours in the neighborhood that may also have similar problems?

Is it only along this outer kitchen wall that it is low (or sunk) like this? Or is it along the one whole side of the house? Or does this do this also on the other side of the house?

Does the floor only slope? Or along the wall does it also bow?

Is the kitchen over a basement or crawl space where you can actually see the joists and sills to determine if say rot caused this, or if foundation sinking caused this?
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reply to ecman51

The house is a two story house. But the wall in question is located in a one story portion of the house. This house is old 130 years and I believe the foundation may have sunk over time. I do not think there is a rot on the sill but I need to check better. The kitchen is over a crawl space which does not allow easy access. I am planning to remove the subfloor to get access.
My concern with raising the wall is that it may cause damage to plaster and the structure. That is why I was considering removing the subfloor and sistering joist along side the old to achieve a level floor with a new plywood subfloor.

Thanks for the help

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