Termite damaged floor joists


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Termite damaged floor joists

I have several floor joists (3 or 4) in the kitchen that have about 2 feet of termite damage on them. The termites have been long gone, but the damage has been done. The floor joists are 2x8 and span about 10 feet from end of outside wall to steel beam in basement. The 3 ft section of the joist that is damaged is from outside wall, which overhangs the sill plate by 2 feet, to about 1 foot inside the sill plate. The top portion of the joists are rotted, so when I was installing the plywood sub floor the screws had nothing to bite into.

At this point all of the plywood subfloor is down, but I removed a section of plywood (25" x 64" in the rotted area. I'd like to just repair the rotted area so there will be something to screw the subfloor into. The section I removed has good joists on the two ends. If it matters, this section will have kitchen cabinets and appliances covering it.

Any recommendations on how to repair this? Sistering them may be difficult since the top half of the bad joists are rotted. Can I put 3ft sisters on each sisde of bad joist and sandwich them together with carriage bolts?
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Based on your description, what you proposed is exactly what I would do myself. I'd extend the sisters an equal amount past the damaged area.

IE 3 ft damaged means at least a 6 ft sister on each side.

And add blocking in that area. If possible, I'd put support down to a pier as well, under the area where the connectioon is made.

I don't know whether thats enuf or overkill, but its what I'd do.

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