pink studs???


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pink studs???

Hi all, I have a dumb question. I live in a suburb of houston, texas. I have noticed some houses being built over the last year or two we have been here that have a bright pink stain or color in the vertical studs. The joists or horizontal studs are just southern pine or whatever they use but the typical white/yellowish color. What is the pink stuff and what is it for?? Is it for some moisture barrier, or a termite bug treatment of some sort? I lived in florida for several years and don't recall seeing it down there.

I'm also curious because I am going to be building a small utility shed and am wondering if I will too need these Pink studs for my project. Thanks much.
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It is probably just the edge you are seeing. Commonly studs are sprayed on their ends to denote they are studs and not full length boards. The mill may have it as a trademark to spray them lightly as they go through their mill for identification purposes. Sort of like the word TYVEK all over town. You know it, you know what it is, and you know where to get it. Or it could be special ordered by a womanevermind....I'll get in trouble.

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