Wood foundation repair


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Wood foundation repair

I'm new to this so forgive me if this is obvious. I'm trying to renovate my mom's house. While replacing a door we realized the foundation was eaten through by termites. The termites are no longer there but it appears that all the beams have sufferred some damage. Is there a way to save some of the beams. Background on the house, it's 100 years old, there is no seal, the beams are 4x8, they were notched together. Also, apparently the guy that built this house did it piece by piece and so he didn't use a standard technique for the framing of the house he simply cut 1.5 ft pieces of 2x4 and use that as the base of the framing. We have a contractor coming in 3 weeks I just wanted to know other options before he got here. Thanks
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the only way termites are no longer there are if someone treated for them otherwise they are just in another place in the house, is this a typical louisiana house being up on block pillars? if the beams haven't lost more than about 1/4 of their material then you might be ok with just spraying for termites, if you can jack each area up about 1/8 in and slip a metal flashing between each beam and the block foundation then bend each edge down at about a 60 degree angle that will keep termites from coming back up the foundation into the beams. good luck this is going to quite a project.

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