Weight-bearing, or not?... Your opinion


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Smile Weight-bearing, or not?... Your opinion


We are in the midst of having a wall taken down to make our downstairs TV room more enjoyable.

In order to see what I was dealing with, my wife and I took the sheetrock off the framing.

From the pictures attached, I was able to easily discern that the massive vertical 2x4 & plywood post (labeled C in pics) was holding up the massive support header labeled B in pics) that runs the north/south span of my entire house. (the floor joists for upstairs run east/west from the support header (B) and rest on the concrete foundation on the other end.

With that said, the stud wall (D) is very flimzy, for instance if I just grab two studs and gently wiggle, the top (E) will move back and for a little bit.

Am I correct to assume that since the stud wall (D) moves about so easily that there is no weight on it? Can I remove it without having to put a header w/posts on each end, in its place. Of course I can not remove the vertical support (C), but I should be OK remove the studd wall that runs from the support (C) to the far wall right? (PS - At the far wall there is only 1 2x4 , no massive vertical support beam, etc..)

Lastly, I assume that top of the old door framing (labeled A) can be removed as well. Obviously it doesn't wiggle because it is much stronger due to it being framing above a door.

Anyones thoughts/comments/etc... are much appreciated!


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for what it is worth, yes looks like you should be able to remove the wall (D) and the door (A) as well. however get more than my never to be humble opinion.LOL

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I agree with Speedwrench. It appears the load bearing factor is the beam that runs across the 7 laminated studs. You always laminate across the direction of weight, so it appears the wall will be able to be removed. If you can wiggle the top plate, it is probably sitting directly under sheetrock and was installed after the room was initially finished. As you are aware, don't remove that lamination. Decorate around it.

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