Repairing stud with too large a hole bored


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Repairing stud with too large a hole bored

I have a 2x4 stud in a non load-bearing wall that has a 2" hole bored through it. (I didn't pay close attention to a helper when I asked him to bore the hole....wrong bit!). I'd rather not replace the stud, because I already have two pex pipes and a pvc drain pipe running through the wall (lower, correct-sized holes).

Is there a way to repair the stud so it will pass framing inspection? I was thinking about sistering 2x4's to either side, but they can't reach the floor (because of the other pipes). Is this sufficient/acceptable, or is there another way to do it without replacing the entire stud.

I have a sketch, but no idea how to upload it.

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You could either sister a 2x4 against it or cut a piece of 1/2" plywood 3 1/2" wide and a couple of feet long and screw it to the side of the stud. In fact you could screw one on each side to hide the hole.
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Thank you! I was hoping I could get away with doing that, since it doesn't support anything, but I wasn't sure if there was some framing code rule that prohibited it.
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there are also framing braces that nail onto each side of the stud. They make them that are even rated for a structural load.

go here:

and scroll down to stud braces.
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I think your framing inspector will want to see the stud braces that Nap mentioned. If you want to do the plywood too, that's up to you, but I bet he'd still flag it if you just did the plywood w/ no braces.
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Thanks! That's great. I have to put plates over a couple of areas where the top plate was cut, so those braces are perfect for both. Thank you for the link.

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