Repairing wood truss in attic


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Repairing wood truss in attic

I hired an air conditioning company to replace my broken air handler in the attic.

I told them to make sure to order a new air handler that fits the space I have in the attic as it is tight, as I do not want any wood framing, joist, rafters, web to be cut or violated.

They ordered one that does not fit, off my three inches so they cut a web member off my truss, actually two trusses, spaced 24" apart, now each has a chopped off 2x3.

I am in negotiation with the company.

However I am also doing what I can to repair the damage.

The web is connected to other web and the bottom cord, and there are two metal plates with lots of teeth biting into them. They are very difficult to remove, but I cannot repair the web without taking out the stump that is currently connected to it.

Someone says best way is to use a Rotozip to cut the metal plate in order to take out the stump, allowing the remaining of the plate to still be fastened to the rest of the pieces.

My question is, if I did that, after I place the new piece in, I will have to use plywood gussets on both sides to tie the new pieces together. The question is how would I nail every inch of that plywood gusset plate if the metal gusset plate is in the way?

Or should I pull out the metal gusset plate? It seems to be very well attached and very difficult to get off.

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I would get an engineer to look at the problem and specify the repair then have a professional do the repair all at the expense of the HVAC contractor. Do not take chances with the structural integrity of your home. The HVAC contractor was way out of bounds to cut those trusses.

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