Roof Over My Deck


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Red face Roof Over My Deck

I am trying to build a roof over my deck attached to the front of my house
But I need to know how to go about this what lumber to buy
the roof is 22' x about 9' with a slight slope now I do get Snow on the roof is there any free design programs I can download Free on my computerto figure this out

Materials and lumber I need
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A trip to the contractor's desk at your local home center should give you a start. Get them to create a bill of materials for your project. That's no guarantee that if you order the materials the design will work.

The "attached to the front of my house" part is a concern, specifically the pitch and drainage arrangements of the existing roof and transition to the new structure. Since they will be connected, you will need at least pictures and a to-scale drawing of what exists.

If what you want to "figure out" is the materials, get the initial BOM from the home center and let a framing contractor or professional engineer review them.

If what you want to "figure out" is the roof and its effects on the existing structure, get a professional to help you with the design, not a software program.
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Posts: 4 - 4x4's - 8 ft.
Rafter support beam: - doubled 2x8's - 4 -2x8's - 12 ft.
Rafters: 12 - 2x6's - 10 ft (unless you want more overhang; then go to 12 ft.)
Ledger to fasten to house: 2 - 2x8 - 12 ft.
Joist hangers to fasten rafters to ledger: 12 hangers for 2x6
Roof sheathing: 9 - 4x8 sheets OSB
1 roll roofing felt
3 squares shingles
. ( may have a few left over)
Roofing nails
16 d sinker nails
Joist hanger nails

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also, you won't be able to go below 4:12 pitch without laying a double layer of felt or taking further precautions. you mentioned low-slope which to me is less than 2:12 so you may need to go with a membrane system in that case. make sure you get pressure treated lumber.

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