Plywood gusset - how to attach?


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Plywood gusset - how to attach?

In replacing the air handler in my attic the AC guy cut the truss to get the room he needs. Anyways after some negotiating and banging on the walls we came to a compromise. The AC company will remove the bigger air handler and replace with a smaller air handler that would fit without the need for the cut truss web member, and I will install the cut web in it's original configuration.

Because of the cut they made, in order to take out the cut end, and the end of that was fastened together on both sides by those metal plates with hundreds of teeth. Those are difficult to pull out (and I was told not designed to be pulled out). So I used a cut off tool and notch out a corner of those cut plates so I can remove the butt end of the cut web member.

Now I have a new piece of web member cut to the same exact size I will be installing in the same exact spot. I deliberately cut those a tad longer so I had to hammer them in cussing and swearing, at least this way I got them in tight as good as I can get them.

Next I need to fasten them.

I have driven a nail through the web member into the rafters to hold it in place. I understand I need to really tie them together with plywood gussets.

My question is, normally the plywood gusset would be put on top of the joint, and you pound nails in (many of them) in different directions into all the different members that come together, right?

But in my case, the metal gusset plate (the one I notched) is already there, so I cannot drive nails through the gusset at that location. Do I just drive as many nails as I can further out?

Or do I need to find a way to pull out the metal gusset plates?

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The HVAC contractor is responsible for the cut truss. Make him get engineer approved repair and do it at his cost. He had no business cutting that truss. Trusses are not to be cut, period. You are being very generous if you let him off the hook.
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Or if you have already let the contractor off the hook via negotiation, you could drill through your plywood gusset and the metal web fastener and use some lag bolts to hold the whole thing together at that end. You proceed at your own risk, but each individual truss doesn't have to carry a huge load. They're designed to work as a system and spread the load. So all you need to do is restore the vertical strength of the cut truss.

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