Has NOBODY ever heard of this?


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Has NOBODY ever heard of this?

Very much a noob so please be patient. I am remodeling a 100 yr old house. There was carpet in the kitchen (30+ years my guess). I removed it and the dreaded glued down foam rubber to expose a sub floor which turned out to be maybe 1/8" thick. I removed that to expose what appears to be felt backing. Flooring adhesive remover got rid of that easily but has left me with a thin sheet of something no one has been able to identify. It is white, with bluish green lines (1/10" wide) running in both directions a half inch apart. What ever it is, it is paper thin, rock solid, impervious to removers and is directly attached to the underlying hardwood floor. Any ideas on what it is or how to remove it?

Thank you so much in advance,
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It sounds like Linoleum. That's what was used in those days. Take a hammer and a chisel and give it a shot. Does the chisel pierce it? Try to remove a piece.

Edit: On second thought, if there is nothing wrong with it, you may want to install a new floor on top of it.
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(Tony's better half here!) Hmmm, not sure. The top layer peels of like paper, but the underlayers scrape off like paint and the pattern runs all the way through the material. It has NAIRN written backwards in the pattern if that helps (like the floor cloth company?). Don't have a flickr account to attach an image.

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