Epoxy paint over VCT floor


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Epoxy paint over VCT floor

I have a VCT floor and I'm looking for an easy and low cost way to change the color. Would an epoxy garage floor paint stick to it?
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Personally, I would never paint a floor. What about an indoor outdoor carpet?
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Smile epoxy floor over VCT Tile.

Epoxy Can be EASILY applied to VCT. First you will need to "sand" the surface in order to remove any WAX or contaminants.

Next if you have an loose tiles you should remove them and fill them with a floor filler. Any broken or missing spots can be filled the same way with a floor patch material like what you would use before installing linoleum or VCT.

The one that may get you is the tiny cracks between the tile. depending on how old they are there may be a small gap between the tiles. I would suggest mixing your floor filler to a little thinner consistency, and using a sponge trowel like what you would use to install grout, in much the same manner push the filler into the cracks by 'troweling' across the joints at a 45 degree angle.

I would do all of your repair BEFORE you sand. Then using a 80-100 grit sand paper and for best results a floor sander like what you would use to sand a hardwood floor (rentable from most rental stores) sand the entire surface as evenly as possible.

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How old is the vct. Be aware that vct could contain asbestos. If thats the case, sanding them is not a good idea.

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