how do I tie into an I beam?


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how do I tie into an I beam?

I need to build a wall to separate some commercial space and it is a metal frame building. It is 22' at the top of the pitch. I need help with a question. How do I tie into the metal I-beam on the top? Thanks
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Can the concrete floor be framed directly on top of? If yes, then I would start by gettting a mark on the floor plumb with the side of the steel beam. Snap a chalkline across the floor then use a plumb bob in the center of the beam and drop to the floor to insure that it is straight. If the beam is not straight and you are not concerned with the framing being flush, then adjust your lines on the floor or beam accordingly. Just make sure the snapline is straight on the floor. Once you have that done and a chalkline on the bottom of the beam you can begin attaching your framing member to the beam. I tell you this assuming you are using wood for the partition wall, but the same should apply with steel framing( I have only worked with wood). For 22' I would use 2x6 lumber and probably double them until I got down to 14-16' in height. Assuming you can frame directly on the floor and you do not need to "hang" the wall from the beam, start by putting const adhesive to one side of a 2x6 and ramset(a gun that shoots hardened nails into concrete and steel. Use 2" nails w/ washers, if you are renting one get the 27 cal) it to the underside of the beam on the established line. Then do the same on the floor w/ a treated 2x6. Then you have to plumb down from a point(the center of beam) to establish you stud layout.

Sorry for the lengthy post, I just started thinking about the whole process. Good luck.

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