Windows and door in framing


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Windows and door in framing

Is there a standard way to position windows and doors in 16" OC stud framing? Are the stud locations consistent across the wall, and the window/door centered on one and worked out on both sides of the center, so that the only stud spaces that are less than 16" are the ones on both sides of the window?
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I still haven't figured out a reply for your felt and T1-11, maybe I'll do better over here.

Typically there is no consideration for the location of your windows and the spacing/location of your studs. Windows and doors are located based upon their appearance and the framers have to figure out the rest.

That said, then there are those of us who would slide things a bit left or right to save a stud. Instead of centering a stud on the window, use an existing stud for one of the sides. You will still need your header and jack studs, but in most cases it will use one less stud.

Also, always maintain the 16"oc stud spacing along a wall so the sheathing will have something for the edges to nail to. Adjust your first stud in from a corner to allow the sheathing to cover the stud and overlap the sheathing from the other direction. Decide where you are going to start your sheathing and layout your studs from there.

Good luck.

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