mold all through out the house

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mold all through out the house

I was looking at a house for sale. the house is solid, but their has been water in the crawl space for a couple of months and the heat is off. Their seems to be mold in almost every room in the house. Can you get rid of that much mold, I'm sure we will have to strip the house to the studs, but can the studs be salvaged. I'm totally in the dark when in comes to a house with mold. Is it worth getting involved with it?
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Mold is a real drag and it can make people sick. The first thing to do would be to dry the place out, water out of the crawl space and get the heat back on. I would be the most concerned about the insulation. I would definitely want to check that and most likely replace it. You don't say how big or how old the house is. If it were me, I would work up a number that I was happy with to gut the sheetrock and insulation, clean the whole place up, re-insulate, sheetrock, tape, trim and paint the whole house. I'd work this into my bid. You will take care of all your mold considerations and have a new interior with good insulation in the process.
They way the market is now and the fact that the sellers have the house shut down, I'd be inclined to think that they would accept any offer. Keep that in mind.
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Another consideration is why there was water in the crawl space to begin with. Plumbing leak? Foundation issues? Grading problems? Watershed issues? Flooding? If whatever caused the water in the crawl space is not corrected, it will happen again despite all investment in hard work and money.
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twelvepole is correct.

You need to find out why the craw space had standing water in the first place.

Was the house empty and closed for the two months since the crawl space was flooded?

Mold indicates the presence of moisture. There is moisture in the crawl space, of course, but the house itself is considerably humid to have a mold problem so widespread.

I would be concerned about such a place. If there is mold in the walls, it might be in the insulation and studs.

I'd also double check to see if the crawl space is the only source of moisture. A leaky roof or a hole in the siding might be playing a part in it too.

If I were you I would get a good, reputable home inspector in the case and have him check everything. Nothing like a trained air to spot things in a home that we wouldn't even think could be a problem.
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mold all through out the house

You can probably find a better home in this market.

First, correct the conditions that allowed the moisture in the crawl space (not simple even if possible since it may require both inside and outside work) - Don't fool yourself that it can be can be easy and cheap.

Second, plan on removing all drywall and insulation, trying to stop the mold by painting (not always works) and the installing all new insulation, drywall (anybody can do if paid) and all trim (big $ item).

If everything works out you will be close to equal to a good used home without any mold problems. Mold can haunt you forever unlees you are a very lucky "flipper" that changes states often.

Addition - I also neglecte to include the obvious foist and flooring.

This could like buying a ticket in the Nigerian Derby, unless you have an independant inspection without puting anything into the "kitty".

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This is way more hassle than I would be willing to go through, I'd walk away.

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