Repair damaged I-joist (bottom 2x2 split)


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Repair damaged I-joist (bottom 2x2 split)

I bought a newer house with silent floor joists exposed in the unfinished basement. On one of the joists the bottom member (~2x2) has been damaged. It looks like maybe the former owner hung something from it and it split. Does anyone have any suggestions for me to repair it? Could I "sister" the bottom part of the joist with 2x4s? If so, does the new lumber need to run the full length of the joist (from center beam to edge of house) or can they just span the damaged portion of the joist. Also is it okay to sandwich the OSB betwen 2 boards and screw holes through the OSB and 2 new pieces. Thanks for any help.
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Unless it is really coming apart you probably do not have to worry about a split in the bottom cord. if it is real bad or just bothers you too much, you can take plywood and run it on both sides nailing and gluing it to the top and bottom cord several feet beyond either side of the split.

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