Using joist hangers on a cement wall


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Using joist hangers on a cement wall

I am adding an addition to my home and had a contractor pour my foundations. I told him I was going to use 2x10's for floor joists. I wne out and checked the new foundation, and found it was the same height as the existing floor. I called him, and he said he assumed I was going to use joist hangers. I had planned on using a sill plate, with the 2x10 sitting on them. I don't have a problem using hangers, but I do have a couple questions.

1. Do I need to attach a 2x10 along the foundation to nail the hanger to, or can I just use the hangers that go over the top and nail to my sill plate only?

2. Do I need a sill plate, or can I just make my wall (2x6) with a treated 2x6 as the bottom plate, and anchor it to the top of the wall, and then hang my hangers from this board?

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No and no.

I think you need to get your contractor back and have him cut about 11" off the top of his wall with a big concrete saw. Your floor joists need to sit on top of a sill that needs to be on top of that wall. This is either his fault for not knowing what you were doing, or your fault for not explaining it to him clearly.
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Ditto what X said, you need to fix this before you proceed. Besides having to match the exterior with the proper termite protection, as the siding will have to overlap the concrete to match your existing house, I'm not sure the codes will allow you to assemble it this way. Aren't you in Dorothy country?

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Dorothy country... LOL! Yes, so you will need to have plenty of epoxy grouted anchor bolts.
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You guys never seen the joist hangers for concrete block that strap on around the piers with kite cord???
I'll have to go with the others and insist the contractor do it right. A competent contractor would have taken laser shots from the house to determine the height of the pillars so the joisting would match.
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Kite string? No. Around here we use dental floss.

Now I guess *IF* the guy poured the foundation at the right height for you to install your pressure treated mud sill on top of it (top of foundation roughly 2 1/4" below the top of your existing subfloor) you could use a W210 or equivalent, provided you were nailing the hanger into the top of the mud sill, and the mud sill was on top of the concrete foundation wall. But that's a big if.

But the kite string is definately right out.

Your floor decking would then extend out over the tops of the hangers, to the outside edge of the mud sill. The bottom plate of the wall would need to be bolted to the same anchors that penetrate the mud sill. So those anchors you would need to have would need to be sticking up about 5 1/2" above the cement.
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