1900's sloped bathroom floor - how to level


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1900's sloped bathroom floor - how to level

Am remodeling a 1910 first floor bathroom that has a difinite slope to the floor. Previous owner put wall ceramic tile on the floor before selling the house. Floor has a definite pitch, as much as 1" over a 6' width. Am removing ceramic floor and wish to level subfloor before installing octagonal ceramic flooring. Subfloor has luan plywood over original plank flooring. Crawl space below bathroom. Attempts to level sagging joists included steel i-beam, posts, and concrete piers (done in the past) but floor is still sloped. What are my options? Should subfloor be removed, joists be sistered with one end raised, to make floor level, or is there a better method. Please Help.
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That's certainly one way to do it but it sure is a lot of work. I would try some floor jacks first. Cut a 2x8 or something to go across the joists and try to lift it with a floor jack.

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