I have a challenge - please help


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I have a challenge - please help

I need to lay a FLAT tongue and groove WOOD sheeting - 80 pc @ 4' x 8' - onto a stage. I CANNOT nail or screw onto the stage. Then I have to lay 80 sheets of 1/2" MDF on top of the 1st layer. The MDF CAN be screwed onto the T & G.
The MDF will then be painted gloss black.
Any ideas on what product is out there?
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Tongue and groove plywood if you're asking what to use for the first layer.
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I would try Advantech 3/4" t&g sheathing. It is very flat and goes together fairly easily. You will need that since you can't screw down the first layer. I think you will find this pretty difficult to accomplish, you might want to get some 1x strips and secure each row as you go, so it's not moving all over. Make sure to install the MDF in such a pattern as to overlap the joints in the first layer. You may have problems screwing the MDF down since you can only use 1" screws to make sure they do not go through. I would try a practice run in my garage with a couple of sheets to see what works and what does not. I think you will need to drill pilot holes so the screws pull down flush or below the surface. I hope you are getting paid well for this as I imagine it will be a PITA!


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