Partially damaged studs....


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Partially damaged studs....

Thanks to a bunch of carpenter ants taking up space in my walls, I have a few studs that are damaged. There is about 3' of each stud that was hollowed out by the ants. Naturally, its right around where a set of electrical wires run through the wall, so I cant just plop a new piece of wood in there.

Temporarily, Ive made 3' replacements, drilled a hole for the wires then cut the replacements at the hole, so I can go under the wires and shove the top portion of the replacement over it. Again, just temporary.

I cant easily get to the top of the studs (tall wall, on steps, and drywalled over). Whats the suggested way to fix these studs while working *around* the wiring? Would I cut more 3' sections then "slot" out for the wires instead of cutting the 3' piece where the wires belong?

Probably clear as mud, Ill take any advice you can give Ill also try to get pics to illustrate.


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Yeah, post some pix on something like and let us see what you see. Has the problem been treated? Most often, the bad wood will need to be completely removed, so you will have to put in new wood and sister it to an adjacent support. We'll wait on the pix.
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Depending on the application, you might be able to use a stud shoe.


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What you did is good, just strengthen it. Either like Michael showed, or screw a 24" 2x2, with a slight notch for wire in center, to each side----Opposite edges. Be safe, G

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