cut out stud for electrical box?


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cut out stud for electrical box?

I need to put electrical box right where a load bearing stud is located. I really wouldn't even think about it without putting in header, but because of way it is framed, I think something may be possible. The bottom layer of top plate has seam very close to the stud that needs to come out. So there is another stud under the end of one side of of this seam and another stud right beside it supporting the other side of this seam. The top layer of top plate is continuous over this area. If I were to take out the stud in question, the free span between remaining studs would be 19 1/4". The stud I want to remove is right below a joist. But, the seam and two studs at this seam are not far away- only 4 3/4". To the left of the stud I want to remove is a window so you can see the muliple studs and header.

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The way it looks to me is, if you remove that stud, you have to add a stud on each side of that bay to build the header. Is that going to give you enough room for the box? If so, then I would build a temporary wall, spanning the 3 joists before you cut anything.
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About a foot above the switch box, nail a 2' block, 2x4 to the left side of the double stud under break. Measure, cut and install a trimmer stud, 2x4, the same height as the top of the block nailed, sistered on and to the left of the elect. stud cut. Nail a short header, 2x4, flat, on top of those pieces after you cut the elect. stud to allow for header thickness, 1-1/2". You are only supporting one floor I-joist, and the bearing is only going to be offset 1-1/2"
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