Structural collapse?


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Structural collapse?

If a basement support beam is compromised, are there any precursors before structural collapse?

I have a 15 foot span of 2x8 in the basement supported by 2 lally columns and 2 adjustable steel columns. The last 3 feet leading into the foundation has been compromised by insects. This 3 foot span also supports a first floor lally column. I am getting this fixed within the month. In the mean time, is there a cause for concern that this could at any time collapse? Or would there be indicators first?

The house is empty. Is it reasonable to do other home repairs in the meantime?
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I'd come back from the wall a foot or so to better wood and place a 4X4. Cut it maybe a quarter inch too long and drive it in.
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Don't worry about it

If it's been standing this long another month isn't going to make a difference. The entire structure is still tied together. I'd only worry about it if every single 2X8 joist running along that side is starting to crumble into pieces when you poke it. By the sounds of it, every joist is not infected with insects, so don't worry about waiting a few weeks for it to get fixed. And yes, you would notice something. The floor will begin to sink when structural integrity is compromised.

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