Carport questions


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Carport questions

Hi all,

I'm building a carport for a friend and working from drawings he gave me from a DIY book. It calls for 6 x 6 posts set 48" in the ground inside 14" diameter concrete footings. My friend's place has a concrete slab and he wants to avoid cutting the concrete and making the footings as per the book to save time and money. Can I bolt some post bases to the concrete and just make the diagonal bracing longer (i.e., make the braces anchor to the posts closer to the ground to increase the leverage against wind loads)?

Another question: the drawing also calls out double 2 x 8 side beams that span 8 ft. O/C. Is this overkill for a metal roof on purlins with 2 x 4 rafters at 24" O/C? Would singles be enough?


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You should check with your local building dept to see if they will ok with the concrete bolt braces. I would not alter the plans as far as construction. I would definetly use the double 2x8's. I would also put the 2x4's 16" OC. There is alot of weight in a metal roof. If not built correctly, a good Oregon wind is going to send that roof down onto their car. I know, I built out there for 32 years. Good Luck
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Thanks for the info.! Very helpful. I will definitely check w/ the building dept.

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