Roof Framing Modification


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Roof Framing Modification

I've been doing some major renovations to my garage, and the last thing I need (want) to do is allow for a little more open storage overhead.

The garage was built about 10 years ago and the roof was stick built and framed as follows (see pictures):

truss1.jpg picture by lost_cause_photos - Photobucket

A - 2x6 rafters @ 16"oc
B - 2x6 ceiling joist/bottom chord @ 32"oc
C - 2x4 collar ties @ 32"oc
D - 1x6 center vertical @ 32"oc
E - 1x6 diagonals @ 32"oc

What I am trying to do is remove the center vertical member to allow a more open space above. my thought would be to replace the vertical with two 1x6 diagonals from roughly the point on the bottom chord where the other diagonals come in, and attach them to the collar tie. I have also added extra 2x6 members at the bottom chord to allow more load capacity and to give me something to nail the ceiling to. The bottom chords are now 24' long 2x6 @16"oc

truss2.jpg picture by lost_cause_photos - Photobucket

The current center vertical member is obviously a tension member, so I am hoping that the way I am replacing it will work. With the rafters being 2x6 members and the bottom chord being a 24' long 2x6, I'm not really sure whether the current diagonals are in compression, or whether they are working as tension members with the rafters helping to support the long bottom chord.

Oh, just a couple of other items I want to add because I'm sure someone will ask: Yes, I know there will be a limit to how much weight this will hold, so I just wanted to let you all know that I don't plan on storing crates of anvils up there. Also, the scans cut off soem dimensions - the collar ties extend 4' each side of the center and the diagonals frame in approximately 2' from the ends of the collar ties (in plan view) probably about 2'-6" on the slope. The dimensions are not precise, but close enough for these purposes.

Anyone have any thoughts on what I want to do?
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I might be missing something but I don't see how removing that center post allows for more space above the joists.
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correct, it doesn't create more space, but it creates a more open space. right now i have those verticals every 32". if i can remove them, i have a space that is over 8' wide and 3' high, and 27' long.

i have some bulky items like overhead door panels that are pretty light, but 2'x9', and they are hard to move around with those verticals in the way. it'll just be easier to move things with them gone, not to mention that it will be easier to throw down a floor up there if i don't have to notch around those verticals.

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