Cut existing subfloor flush with wall?


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Cut existing subfloor flush with wall?

Im working on a bathroom. Most pressing issue is desired removal of plywood subfloor to be replaced by new plywood.
The east and west walls are load bearing. There is a bedroom on the other side of the west wall, nothing on the other side of the east.
Joists run perpendicular to these walls, spaced 16 apart.
The existing plywood subfloor extends under the bottom of the east and west walls. So, the frame sits on top of of plywood, which sits on top of the joists.
Question: If I cut the current plywood floor flush to the walls, the walls, for all intents and purposes, will be sitting on a plywood shim. Will this be a problem?
The plywood under the wall plates is in decent shape.
I see a few scenarios:
1: Cutting the old plywood flush to the walls is okay- lay the new floor.
2: Insert blocking between each joist under the walls, so the walls would rest on the strip of plywood, the joists, and the blocking.
3: Cutout the current floor to about a foot away from the walls, lay the flooring and then inch on the remaining old floor to make it even (although it may not be perfectly even).
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...sounds about right to me..!
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I don't think there is really anything wrong with it either.

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