I-Beam strength


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I-Beam strength

I have a W10x22 x 17' supporting my first floor of my ranch house. I am adding a second story. Is this going to be strong enough to support a second floor?
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Tony it is not very likely that they built a house with a beam that can handle at least twice of the original weight. Of course we'd need to know what is framing into it but I really doubt it.
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If you do end up thinking it can do it, do check with an architect or engineer before breaking out the saws, just to be sure
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As a structural engineer i can agree that it is unlikely that the beam can support twice the weight that it is currently supporting.

You would have to describe what the beam is supporting currently and how that would change with the addition of the second floor.

If there is an option to add a post? That would be an option worth considering which would allow the existing beam to carry additional load. I would have a professional review your situation though. There may be secondary issues that can't accurately be addressed through forum postings.

Good luck.

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