Wall not attached to floor


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Wall not attached to floor

Today i noticed that the wall isnt attached to the ground. And i am planning on putting drywall but the wall is lose. So when i close the door the wall moves with the door.

Now how should i go about securing the wall to the ground. The ground is cement so im not sure if putting a nail will go through or it could damage the cement.


Here are some pictures.

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There a few ways to do this. Get some cement screws (not lag bolts) drill a hole through the bottom of the wall into the cement. Put a piece of bare copper wire int the hole in the cement then screw into the cement. The copper wire helps to hold the screws in place. If you can get the wall off the floor then apply some mastic such as Liquid Nails on the floor first. Another way is to try and rent a gun that shoots nails into concrete using a 22 blank. They sell the tool at Home Depot but for one job it's not worth buying it. You could also try using nails made for concrete. To drive them you will need a very heavy hammer such as a drilling hammer or small sledge hammer.
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Well if it was cement you would have bigger problems but it would be easy to nail. Since it is almost certainly concrete I'd suggest buying Tapcon screws and a correctly sized Tapcon drill bit if you have a hammer drill. If not you might want to invest in one. If not trying to manually drive concrete nails can be frustrating. A $25 powder activated nailer might be worth it to keep the frustration.
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Which ever method you use, nails or screws, get the wall in place (use a level) then put some shims under it. Shim it tight, near a wall stud then drive your wall fastener through or really near the shims. This will keep the wall from pulling down and causing a crack at the ceiling when you attach the wall to the floor.

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