Stem wall in place of garage doors


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Question Stem wall in place of garage doors

I have a double car garage that I am remodeling into bedrooms. Code requires a 6" stem wall where the garage doors will be removed.
My 2 part question is

1. Do I drill the slab and add rebar to form the bond between the stem wall and the existing concrete floor or is there a bonding agent of some sort I should use?

2. What do I do about the support post between the two garage doors? Leave it and pour the stem wall to it? add a rebar through it maybe? wrap it with vapor barrier before pouring? Or do I need to support the joist, remove the post, pour the stem wall and replace the post on top ?

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You should drill holes in your existing concrete and put in rebar.
Now your post is another thing. It would not be a good thing to remove it or cut it for length. You might think about painting the post with cresote then wrap it in heavy black plastic. You might want to check with your building department and get their view points. The code for this differs all over the country.
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This attachment should be on your approved plans from the City/County. The slab may not have any footing under it, requireing you to demo and pour one for the stem wall. Please do not do a partial remodel (and against code) by leaving the wood post in concrete for someone else to replace later. "Or do I need to support the joist, remove the post, pour the stem wall and replace the post on top ?
" --- Yes, if a footing is present OR signed off by your local Building Department.

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