Convert wood subfloor/joists to concrete pad


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Convert wood subfloor/joists to concrete pad

I searched the forums for this, but if I missed the answer somewhere - please point me in the right direct.

I have structure that is built over a crawlspace. I would like to convert the first floor to a concrete pad to be used as a garage. There are no utilities located in this crawlspace.

At first it would seem simple - remove sub-floor/joists - backfill with dirt and compact - add gravel - then pour concrete... but the dilemma arises at the perimeter walls. The exterior load bearing walls are built on top of the sub-floor/joists/sill plate.

Any suggestions what to do with the sill/joists/sub-floor directly under the walls? Pouring the concrete around them does not seem to be correct as they would eventually rot.

thanx in advance for your suggestions
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You're talking about a major structural change which could be problematic to say the least.

If I wanted to do that, I would probably leave the joists there, fill between them & then pour the gravel & cement to cover everything.
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I agree it will be a feat. You would have to support the second floor while you cut the wall at the bottom and put in a footer to support the wall. And you obviously can't use the existing floor for support. But a picture would help to see what you are attempting. Sounds like a fun project. You would want to get plans from an engineer.

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