Touble Removing Glued 2x4 From Steel Beam


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Cool Touble Removing Glued 2x4 From Steel Beam

Hi, have tried a lot of force, but can't seem to get the 2x4 in the picture below removed from the steel support beam in my basement. I don't want to get too carried away with removing it since it's connected to the support structure of my home, so I wanted to see if anybody has any tricks or ideas to get this glued 2x4 removed. It was there from a wall that I took down and I need to box in the pillar, but can't until I get that leftover 2x4 piece removed. You can see the glue coming out the side of the 2x4, it is the 2x4 on the bottom of the steel beam. I'd appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks! Ryan

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Looks like a poly glue or adhesive.....take an old chisel and remove the wood a bit at a time...then sand or grind the glue off if needed.
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Thanks GuyGuy, I'll give that a shot. I appreciate the response, and very speedy response!

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yeah, i was going to suggest cutting it off with a reciprocating saw.
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Well, I used a chisel and hammer and here is how it ended. Dang thing took quite a while though because I couldn't get big pieces to break off, only little ones over and over. There is still a little of the glue residue left, but it will be fine.

Thanks again for the idea suggestion! Ryan


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