Carpenter ant damage...


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Carpenter ant damage...

I'm remodeling a bathroom in a 1959 ranch. There was previous stud damage in the studs framing around the shower. The framing has been open for a while now (while waiting to get a sanitary leak fixed ) and I haven't observed any ants, so I don't think there's any current activity. Question is, should I worry about replacing these studs at all, or just soldier on with the sistered framing that's already been installed? Is there anything I can do to fill in the damage (epoxy wood filler)? I'm planning on installing a Kerdi system in the end, and any repair work is probably just wasted money...guess I just answered my own questions. Anywho, here's what I'm working with:

I will be removing (most likely) the blocking and smaller pieces to the left of the damaged stud, and the stud at the far right which framed out a magazine niche near the toilet.
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It depends what that stud is supporting. (great picture of the damage, but no picture of what the same stud is supporting up high) If it was a trimmer, supporting a header, then yes, you should replace it, along with a section of sole plate. But I am guessing that area does not have any significant load on it, and that the other 2x4 that has been sistered along side it is sufficient.

The 2 smaller 2x4's may be stabilizing the rotton 2x4 to prevent it from moving, since any fasteners holding it to the sole plate (which is also rotton) aren't holding anything anymore. Since the sole plate is in poor shape, I would leave all that new framing alone unless you have a really good reason to remove it.

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