Roof Truss Structure


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Roof Truss Structure

Can someone please help me find the answers to the following:

(Perhaps a website if answers are not possible)

1 - How is the weight of concrete roof tiles is distributed evenly on a series (say 4 to 6 ) of roof trusses?

2 - How is the combined weight of the roof trusses and concrete roof tiles transferred to I-beams that support all this combined weight?


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How are the tiles attached to the roof?
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Sounds like some sort of school assignment.

I think this will take some vector analysis work for specifics.

Overall...its pretty simple though..the total weight of the tiles is applied to the total area of the roof decking. The combined weight of tiles and decking is applied to the area of attachment to the trusses, then the entire weight of all the above is applied to the total contact area of the trusses and I-beams.

And why do you need this info? Manufacturers of I-beams and trusses have plenty of software to figure out these things.

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