Garage Plans - How?


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Garage Plans - How?

Hello, first post here after lurking for a while.

I'm planning a 25' x 37' detached garage on a slab. I've got most of the design down, 10' 2x6 walls with scissor trusts in the front half, and box attic trusts in the back, a sliding glass door on the backyard facing side wall, lots of electrical for the shop corner, windows and doors. I''l be doing a majority of the work myself, with outside help for the foundation and slab, raising walls, setting roof trusses and a certified electrician to do the big hookups.

Much of the techniques I have done previously. Extensive framing is new, however, and I'm reading books as fast as I can. To help insure I end up with a satisfactory effort and building, I'd like a formal building drawing. Call it a little extra insurance.

What I need is a good plan/drawing which shows details and is compatible/complies with all of the local codes, and which can be submitted for the permits etc. I don't need an architect as the design is set, and there isn't any need for oversight of contractors and subs during construction. The trouble is I can't find anyone other than architects in the north NJ area. I think I'm using the wrong terminology in my searches.

How or where do you find someone with at least a little experience, clearly reputable and knowledgeable to produce a quality drawing for which I would be happy to pay a quality price?


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You need a draftsman. Google +draftsman +"new jersey" and see what you come up with.

and welcome!

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