Decking the top of my detached garage ceiling


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Decking the top of my detached garage ceiling

i have an unfinished detached garage. I would like to deck the ceiling to store some items. Not heavy items, just mostly things like the Crhistmas trees, lights, etc.

The garage is 20 x 24 with 2x10s spaced at 24" apart. It also a double 2 x 10 spanning across the middle portion, as well as U-shaped brace (consisting of 3 2x6's) running perpendicular to the 2 x 10's.

I would like to put down some OSB or PLywood, but having a hard time deciding which material to use and its thickness. I would think 3/4" OSB would be fine, but at my old garage they were spaced on 16" centers, not 24", so I'm a little cautious. Perhaps 3/4" OSB Tongue/Groove would work?

I've searched the forum, but not found a similar question on 24" centers.

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20' is a fairly long span without a header in the middle. The Christmas tress might not weigh much but any flooring that you might use has to be counted too.

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