Balloon Framing and rake wall


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Balloon Framing and rake wall

I am back again.
I am building a workshop 16 x 24 with a 3/12 pitch shed roof.

For the "low side" of the shed wall, I plan on it being a standard 8 ft. For the high side, with a 3/12 pitch, I should come in at ~12 ft.

The building will have a cathedral ceiling with 2 x10 SYP rafters.

My plan was to balloon frame the "tall" wall with 12 ft studs.

3 questions:

1. Will balloon framing be the best for this 12 ft wall or should I do platform framing with a standard wall + 4ft pony wall on top(I am concerned about he lateral joint with a platform framing)?

2. For the two rake walls (the 16ft walls parrallel to the rafters), would you recommend balloon framing there as well or work with platorm framing?

3. If I do balloon framing for the non-rake walls (the 8ft wall and the 12 ft wall), are there any special considerations for connecting the rake walls to these walls? When two walls normally intersect, the top plate overlaps from one to the other. In this situation the walls will meet, but the two plates will be an angle, so the top plate cannot over lap.

I am sure there is a Strongtie for this.

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I would balloon frame it all. The rake wall will be angled at the top plate following the rafter angle so it would only take a slight angle cut on the 1st 2x on the non rake walls to be able to tie the top 2x into it. Taking 3/4 inch off the inside (inside of the building side) of the 1st 2x for the width of the 2x should get you the right angle...check that before you cut it though, my math may be off!!! Your top ends of the rake walls will have to be cut at an angle also to allow the 2x on top to lie flat and have full contact.
You could use strapping to tie them together also if you wish.

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