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Could roof sheathing, boards and shingles be tossed directly into a dumpster?

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08-24-10, 08:50 PM   #1  
Could roof sheathing, boards and shingles be tossed directly into a dumpster?

Seriously. Over the dormer, I got a look in the attic. Our neighbor said the previous owner had some trouble with the roof over the dormer when they did the roof 20 years ago, now I see what he means.

Most of the roof was covered with 3/4" OSB over the 1x6 boards because the 1x6 weren't in the best shape, so that's fine for most of the roof as I'll be redoing the second floor in a few years. I would've put plywood over it if there wasn't already OSB because it's 2x4 rafters on 24" spacing. Being a bungalow, the span is probably okay because there's a knee wall holding up the rafters mid span.

The dormer is a different matter, no support mid-span. So looking in the rafters, I see that the 2x4 rafters and all the 1x6 boards sag down. Between the 1x6 I can see that in order to rectify the situation, lumber was laid between the 1x6 and the plywood. Sounds like a perfect opportunity to throw out the whole thing and start over in this section with properly sized rafters on 16" spacing, plus I can put an overhang on the eaves so I can put in a soffit vent.

I'm just wondering, can 4'x6' OSB sections with 1 layer of shingles reasonably be lifted and heaved into the dumpster by one person, it'd sure make the demolition go faster!

Hmm.. And on the other hand, the dormer walls aren't looking entirely proper... I'm wondering if I need to consult an architect... or perhaps the book of armaments or bring out ye holy hand grenade.

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08-25-10, 03:10 AM   #2  
I can't get a thorough picture from your description. Where are the 1x6's? Why are they there? 1x6's are not structural. Picking up a piece of roof with shingles attached may not be something you can handle, since you will be standing on a slope to begin with, and depending on how much weight you can lift to begin with.
Your last statement may have summed it all up if the structure is in question. Good luck.

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08-25-10, 05:23 AM   #3  
Posted By: WillK Between the 1x6 I can see that in order to rectify the situation, lumber was laid between the 1x6 and the plywood.
The 1x6 (used as roof sheathing) were likely spaced apart a couple inches, like they used to do years ago when you had a wood shingle roof. They did this to save on materials, since wood shingles only needed something to nail to every 6 or 7". When your wood shingle roof was torn off, the typical thing to do is to cut spacers and stick them in the gaps before applying a layer of plywood or osb over the entire thing so that asphalt/fiberglass shingles can then be applied. So the strips and osb aren't structural, they were installed just for the shingles.

You are going to find that 2x4 rafters in older homes will have sagged. If you want to tear it apart and reframe it, that's up to you, but when you start doing that to an old house, pretty soon you'll wish you just put a match to it... or the only hand grenade. One, Two... Five!

As far as the weight, I think what you would want to do is take a skilsaw and cheap carbide blade, and cut through the shingles, plywood and all. Cut it into small sections that will be easier to pry up and handle (2x4 or 2x4). Unless you look like Hercules or can teleport large objects I think you'll want smaller pieces.

And instead of tearing out rafters and starting over, you might be able to strengthen the existing ones by jacking, sistering, bracing, or installing collar ties. (or some combination)

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08-25-10, 06:23 AM   #4  
Okay. And to get the picture a little clearer, here's how the house is built:

The house is about 22'x32'. Like I think I've mentioned, the last 10' were added on after the fact, and that's where the dormers start. The house has a gable roof with a 9/12 pitch, the roof on the dormer is a 4/12 pitch leading up to the same peak as the rest of the roof, and it's 6' wide so the sagging rafters are all of 2 rafters per side. The dormer on the south side of the house doesn't actually look like it sagged, so I don't think sistering would be out of the question, maybe I could just do the tear-down on one side... but I don't really see that I'm that far removed from replacement anyway.

And yes, the 1x6 I'm referring to are the original roof sheething, and the 2" gaps between were not filled in when OSB was put over it.

Cutting to 2'x4' sections sounds like a plan. But as far as lifting, actually I might go in from below since I have the interior ceiling openned up.

Inside, they had 4'x8' ceiling tile material nailed up (and it was sagging) covering plaster & lath, on which the paint was badly chipping and flaking. I've already removed that following the procedures I learned in my RRP class for dust containment and so on.

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08-25-10, 04:13 PM   #5  
I've seen guys put of plywood around the dumpster to help make sure things go into it. All depends on your set up. If you can make a decent ramp down the dumpster, that would be much safer. Or even part way so you can throw the stuff on the ramp and have it slide in.

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