Door framing problem


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Door framing problem

Ok, trying to figure out how to add (frame out) a door into an existing framed out shed 8 foot wide by 5 foot in depth (don’t ask – I am helping a friend who got me involved late in the process) and will be using 23/32 osb plywood for roof sheeting. All studding/rafter materials are 2 by 4. Now the problem the rafters are all cut and installed 24 inch on center (nailed to the top plate), the top is 68 inches from the floor, and I want to add a door which would be approximately 6 feet in height and 2/12 feet wide. To do this I have to cut out 2 ½ feet of the top plate to make the opening for the door. On one side the distance from the left 4 by 4 corner post (looking face on) to the beginning of the 2-½ foot opening is 1 foot, so the top plate for this section will remain in place with the 4 by 4 a support at one end and a stud at the other end (could double it up- if needed). On the other side the distance from the right 4 by 4 corner post (looking face on) is 4 ½ feet to the beginning of the cut on that side and the top plate will remain in place the entire length.

My question is – if I double up the studs under the top plate directly below the center of the ridge beam and install a support stud between the ridge beam and top plate (basically a cripple), tie the 6 foot king stud into the doubled up stud on the right (looking face on) and into the stud on the left side, and add jack studs for the door header (which will be just a 2 by 4) will this be strong enough? Any constructive thoughts on a better way would be appreciated.

And thanks for reading through this…
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Shed Door

The door will still be too low with your plan. I would not go to so much trouble to make a door way that is lower than it needs to be. I would leave the top plates intact and make the top of the door three inches lower. Just my 2 cents.

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