Sister 2nd story floor joists in 1900 home?


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Sister 2nd story floor joists in 1900 home?

I am not sure what to do. I have a 2nd floor room 20'x26'. The floor is unlevel. It seems like the floor dipped in the middle. It is a noticeable dip so it is something that I definetely want to fix in the room. The joists look huge. Im thinking they are 2"x8" or 2"x10". I think they are a real 2". I'm not as worried about support but I wouldn't mind adding some extra. I was thinking about sistering like 2x6s to the sides but making the sister joist level. On the sister joist is then where the subfloor will sit. Is this ok?
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If you're talking about just reinforcing the joists, you can do this, though I'd cut plywood to fit instead of using dimensional lumber

However, if you want to jack up the floor back to level, I'd consult a structural engineer first
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I can't jack up the floor. This is the 2nd floor floor. On the first floor there is no bending in the ceiling or anything. So i am not worried about lifting it up. I just don't want it to move and I need to level the top of it.

What do you mean by cut plywood to fit? I was going to put for instance a 2x6 next to the current joist but make them level. So they will stick out a little bit above the current joist.
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Are there any walls underneath that support the floor at all? 20' is a long way for a 2x10 to go. What's the deal with the ceiling below? Did someone do something to level it out?

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