How much can a suspended slab support?


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How much can a suspended slab support?

My front porch has a roughly 8" thick slab that spans 5 feet from block wall to block wall. I was going to put my firewood there. If stack it 4' high, it would give a roughly 150 to 200 psf under the wood. With space between, it would probably average 100 to 150 psf if that area. Is that too much load?
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8" thick is the federal regulation for interstate highways. It should hold.
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Hard to say..... Did you pour it? Any steel in it? What size re-bar and is it in the bottom 1/3 of the slab? If hand mixed what were the ratios of the ingredients? For what pounds per square inch? Were any fillers included? Etc., etc. Let us know if it carries the load.


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