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Rookie with a passion

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11-15-10, 01:15 PM   #1  
Rookie with a passion

I'm not a trained contractor - I don't have a specific craft I'm fantastic at - I'm just a guy who has a life-long dream of building my own home for myself, my wife, and my two girls and I have finally the means to do so. I imagine my responses to that will be "you need an architect, you need skilled professionals", etc. Despite my obvious unlevelheadedness, I'll be going through with this so all the help will be much appreciated. In my research I've temporarilly decided to balloon frame my house. I know it's more expensive, I know of the fire stops needed, and despite this I think it will be a better fit. In actuality the house will be very simply constructed: 32X56 recangular, 12 foot walls, steep scissor truss, simple: let-in ledger at 8 feet on both "ends" of the house (16 feet deep) with beefy I beams spanning the entire 32 foot wide house (creating two lofts on opposite ends of the house: one enclosed for master bedroom and bath and the other a rec room open to the entire house). The reason I'd prefer balloon framing is I don't have to construct the entire 2nd floor before enclosing the entire house (with only myself and limited labor from friends and family i won't have the luxury of speed - heck in Minnesota the weather changes in the snap of your fingers). Plus with an entire 56 foot long house full of scissor trusses (with tons of horizontal deflection) the exterior walls are going to need to be quite strong. Does anyone have any objection to this idea? Am I off my rocker? Will a ledger support a beam beefy enough to span 32 feet unsupported? Will i NEED support under my I beams (one loft will have two bedrooms and bath underneath it for support; the other a completely open kitchen and dining)? Plz give me your first thoughts. I'm new to the forum but will make any changes necessary and do what needs to be done. Thank you!

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11-16-10, 08:37 PM   #2  
You need to talk to an architect and get plans, from there nothing is impossible.

With that said, you need to consider whether the time you'll need to do all this is really time your wife and 2 girls can spare.

I would recommend doing web searches for "build your own house" (or home) You should find web sites and guides that can help you get your mind wrapped around everything that is involved so you can more realistically assess how much time and money is involved in going from dream to reality.

And you sound like my best man. You didn't work for a company that makes military hardware after you graduated, did you?

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