Garage renovation continued - walls


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Question Garage renovation continued - walls

Thanks again to Chandler and Gary for help on the floor framing ideas . I will be running sleepers, etc as you suggested. My next question is about the wall framing. The garage was originally built w/2x4's spaced 24" oc. Walls were insulated about 6 years ago.

Question 1 - should I add studs to walls to make them 16" oc? I am not comfortable with the 24" oc framing.
Question 2 - would it be worth the cost and time to remove the insulation, insert 2x6 framing to 16" oc, and reinsulate for better R value than 2x4 wall allows?

Luckily, I have not ordered windows yet, so I can still make this adjustment.

I figured I could simply add a 2x2 to make the bottom wall plate 2x6 dimensions.

Thanks everyone!
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I wouldn't do all that extra work. Install the windows & drywall.
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I agree with Pulpo, you won't be gaining anything but blisters by adding the studs. Face it, the structure is viable as it is, so adding insulation and sheetrock will only enhance it.
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Zip codes 435 or 452 is R-13-16 in the wall: Recommended R-Values for Houses

If you are converting and trying to get the most value, some things you could do;
caulk the stud, plates/sheathing joints inside the bays before insulating against air movement which will degrade the batts,
reuse the old insulation or add 2x2s on the face of the studs after tacking on sill sealer over studs/plates for a thermal break to the cold studs/sheathing, adding R-19 or better yet- R-22 (high density)
take out the batts, add drywall, install cellulose at 2-4#, dense pack, instead of batts (poorest choice)
install the batt insulation snug to the drywall, no gaps
install drywall using the ADA. Info-401: Air Barriers

The 24o.c. studs you have are optimum for insulating value and plenty strong enough: Advanced Energy

How are you insulating the ceiling?

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Thanks guys - you saved me work and $$ here. I tend to overthink sometimes. Attic is framed with mf'd trusses with only 2x4 ceiling joists. Currently craft faced r-13 btw the joists I believe. I assume rolling a thicker, non-faced insulation across the top of the joists would be a good idea? Thanks Gary - informative links - and thanks to Chandler and Pulpo as well!

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