Best sub-floor for bathroom?


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Best sub-floor for bathroom?

I need to replace the sub-floor (sub-floors) in my bathroom. Due to water damage, I need to level and replace the flooring. Currently what I removed was 1x10 slats, 1 inch of something that looks like particle board, a very thin sheet of some kind of layment and then the old topping of lino.

I want to level the floor and just install some peel and press tile.

The floor is over a crawl space and the house is about 45-50 years.

What are your recommendations? I have covered the crawl floor with 6mill plastic.

Many thanks in advance.....
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3/4" t&g plywood or advantec would be a good choice for the subfloor. Install blocking between the floor joists at the cut edges where there is no t&g to fully support the subfloor.

Peel and stick tile is a poor choice for a bathroom floor. There will always be some water on the floor after showers, overflowing toilets and sinks etc, and the peel and stick won't hold up well. You would be better off installing a proper underlayment over the floor, then ceramic tile.
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Ceramic would be a better choice. If you're opposed to that, a sheet of vinyl would be better than the peel and stick tiles
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In an instance where we had to replace a bathroom floor, we leveled the joists (which had been notched for the old plumbing) by sistering them with new lumber and 3/8" bolts and washers. After we had a more or less level plane in those joists, we laid down OSB sheathing (glued to the joists, then screw fastened) and went over the top of that with a real smooth birch 1/4" underlayment fastened with screws. Then I put vinyl over the top of that and it worked out nicely.

I would have preferred to do cement board and ceramic tile, but time and money...

P.S. someone pointed out that peel-and-stick aren't a good choice for this application, and I personally agree, but if that's all you can afford to do right now then just do your best job and try not water sit on your bathroom floor for any amount of time, and make sure you do a nice job with caulking the base molding and the edge of the tub.
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If you go with sheet vinyl it's simple to install but never by one of those cheap remnits already rolled up. There only going to last a few years. A good quality vinyl should last 20 years or more.
I also hate peel and stick tiles, they never lay straight because they stick to fast and gaps open up.
One I do like is Allour sold in Home Depot. Really fast and easy to install and no seams show if you do it right. It's also 100 % water proof.

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