cost of framing a new construction

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cost of framing a new construction

I am in Central Florida area. How much would it cost for framing of a 2 story home?

pitch roof 4 12

1700 sqft living area ground floor
800 sqft living area 2nd floor
22 x 22 garage

4 beds 3 baths

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Not likly your going to get many worth while ansewers on this one. Your going to have to call around and get some local quotes from someone that can see the plans.
Why just the framing cost? Unless your paying cash most lenders would never lend the money to a first time DIY to finish the rest of the home.
Why a 4-12 pitch, that would be the min pitch for shingles and even then they would have to be laid with less exposure. The more pitch the longer a roof will last.
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Framing Cost

Are you asking for material cost only or are you asking for material and labor cost?
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At your local bookstore you may find the 2011 National Construction Estimator (around $40.00), published every year and it gives nationally averaged costs for labor and estimated prices for materials. Almost every trade is represented and their average price of labor. For example if you wanted to have a flagpole erected in your front yard it would give you the estimated labor costs of having a contractor come and install it based on height and material that the pole is made out of and a rough idea of what that flagpole might cost. Materials in homebuilding are commodity items so your material cost could fluctuate quite a bit in just a few weeks of pricing. Most quotes from suppliers will have a disclaimer on how long the quoted prices are good for. Price per square foot to build a new house usually starts around the $125.00/sq ft to as high as $350.00/sq ft depending on the materials used. This would not include your material cost.

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Since you not supplied any meaningful requirements, details or specification all you will get is shot-gun estimates with a wide scatter pattern.

The low price bottom-feeders will want a higher price when they get the details. The more responsible may give a range to try to narrow things down a bit. The better contractors may not even bother since it looks like a "shopper" approach.

What is the floor plan since you seem to have some ides?

Do you want to build beyond code to get the extra insurance discounts?

Do you want a trussed or a framed roof and what overhang?

What preparation do you want for an unknown exterior?

The list goes on if you get to having more ideas other than a floor plan and elevation.


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