Framing for shower door


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Framing for shower door

I have a shower area in my bathroom, the current opening is 86", meaning it is 86" between the two existing walls.

I need to put in a shower door in this space.

I am thinking either a 5' door or a 6' door.

If I go with a 6' door, I will have 14" of space to eat up. I could either build a 14" "wing" wall to one side, or do two smaller 7" wing walls on each side. Any opinion as to which way is better?

Would you use pressure treated wood to frame these walls?

Should I consider a 5' door? If I use a 5' door, then I have 26" of space to eat up. Again I could do a 24" wall on one side or two 13" walls on each side.

Any specific considerations between a 5' shower door versus a 6' shower door?

Also, when you frame a 6' shower door, do you make the rough opening exactly 74" (assuming half inch durock and half inch tile on each side will make the finish opening 72")? Is there any "play" or this depends on the brand/model of the door?
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You could build the longer wing wall on the plumbing end. It may make it look intriguing, but I don't tink it matters. The door kits will have play in them, but it will result in a little overlap of the doors if the opening isn't wide enough. I would look at the doors and see what finished wall dimension they require, then do your subtraction from there. PT is good, but a good seal on your durock is better. Both is excellent.

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