Plywood under wall plate


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Plywood under wall plate

Hi, I'm moving a washer and dryer from my downstairs to my bedroom closet upstairs. This is going to require me to remove the plywood flooring in my bedroom closet to run the pipes upstairs. What is the preferred way of cutting back plywood that goes under the wall plates? The easiest way for me is to set the depth of the blade 1/4 or so more than the depth of the plywood and just press the saw up against the floor plate and cut the plywood. I have heard other people say that you should get a sawzall and run it right up against the plate to get it flush. This method sounds like a lot more work and more risky at that. Either way I'm going to need to put nailers in after I'm done. Thoughts?

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Best way is to use a 2 1/2" hole saw on a Hole Hawg. You'll need to cut away some of the sheetrock, but you'll have to do it anyway to run your supply and drain lines in the wall.
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Just a note....W/D upstairs may seem like a good idea...but you need to make sure you have pans and drainage. Use stainless hoses. You should also use the lever action cutoff valves and turn them off religiously if the machines are not in use. A burst hose or leak can make a mess downstairs...but upstairs it could be a catastrophe.

Final thought...when we had upstairs bedrooms and downstairs laundry, we often did loads at night. Doubt we would have done that if they we in the room next door.
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Did you see the Holmes segment the other night where they put a floor drain in the upstairs laundry, a berm across the door and tiled it all, even up 4" on the walls all around? Basically made a pool of the room, so if it did leak, it would be contained. Cool.

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