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Can I put backerboard and tile on the floor in front of my fireplace?


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Can I put backerboard and tile on the floor in front of my fireplace?

I want to repair the old broken tiles in front of my fireplace. It is a coal-burning fireplace and no longer functional, and I don't plan to make it so. It has some brick tiles in front of it, and then the subfloor is underneath it. I would like to put new pieces of tile down. Can I just rip up the red brick-looking tile that is there now until I reach the subfloor, then put in a new piece of 1/2" plywood subfloor, then a piece of hardibacker, then just tile over that like I would do with my bathroom? I'm not really concerned about meeting code or anything. I just want it to look good and not all broken up like you can see in the picture. Thanks for any help.

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My vote is yes, and why not? Check under those broken tiles in front of the hearth however as often there is a cement base under them that was poured when the fireplace was built, and which is supported separately from the spanning floor joists and this then would not require a new subfloor. The other issue is around the finished height of the new tiles and the rest of the finished wood floor and what buildup you require or don't require to transition the two surfaces level. Others may have other ideas.

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