soffit and rough door frame


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basement soffit and rough door frame

One of my basement soffits is unfortunately located above a rough door opening. Once the drywall is installed on the soffit, I'll only have about 1.5" from the finished face of the soffit and the bottom of the rough door framing. If my calculations are correct, this won't give me enough room for trim above the finished door.

What is the typical solution in this case? Shorten the rough opening, cut off the bottom of the door and door jam...leaving enough room at the top for trim? Rip the trim to fit?
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It all depends on the trim you plan to use. If the door is finished close enough you could just install outside corner trim to it. If the wall covering is too far away to be covered with the 3/4 inch corner trim then I would trim the top piece to fit. Maybe look at some chair rail that is flat to make your own trim out of. Even picture frame moulding might work.
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typically you would just trim the door casing to fit whatever room is available. If that isn't acceptable, you can cut your door jambs shorter and trim the door. But keep in mind that when you cut length off the bottom of a door that is prebored for a knob, the door knob will be lower than all the others by the amount you cut off. Usually an inch isn't too noticable, but 2 or 3" probably would be.

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