Floor Bounce


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Floor Bounce

I am thinking of installing tile flooring in my kitchen but I am considered the bounce the floor has would cause the grout/tiles to crack over time. Would using concrete backer board on top of the subfloor stiffen the floor enough to remove the bounce or should I re-enforce the floor joists in the crawl space with sister joists to remove the bounce?

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What is the span and size of the current joists?
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And knowing the spacing would also help.
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CBU will add no appreciable structural stgrength to the floor. If it bounces it is not stiff enough to support tile.

Take a look at the size, spacing and span of the joists and then google "joist span tables".
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As stated, CBU will not solve any problems in floor structure. Should your flooring system be inadequate, the sister of joists would be the way to go if building a bearing wall or some other system underneath is not palatable to you.

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