Split Level Framing Procedure?


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Split Level Framing Procedure?

Just out of curiosity I have a split level home built in 1986. On the second level the edges of the room are slightly extended out from the lower portion of the house. What Is used to support the extended part of the room? A steal beam or a wood beam? The basement is finished so I cannot see for myself.
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Robbery isn't my thing, so I know nothing about "steal" beams. It's a pretty safe bet that the cantilevered joists are sitting on the top plate of a stud wall. Wooden or steel beams would be expensive and unnecessary unless spanning a wide opening below, like a garage door, with no intermediate support.
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The floor joists are probably cantilevered where they rest on the lower exterior wall. If your ceiling joists run in the opposite direction then there would likely be a doubled joist next to the exterior wall and lookout joists that are cantilevered.

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