Subfloor rotted, bath remodel, advice needed.


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Subfloor rotted, bath remodel, advice needed.

Hey All,

New homeowner, new to the forum. Quick background. One of our bathrooms had some subfloor rot under where the previous owner put in a shower stall. Carpet in the bathroom doesn't help.

Regardless I'm halfway through making things right. Underlayment 3/4 on top of 1/2 4 ply plywood. I've had to scab in a new sole plate, and splice in and sister the studs (load bearing wall).

Regardless I'm halfway through framing new stall now and I'm wondering couple things. Shower that was in there had 12x12 tiles. Main question: are the 12" OC joists adequate support fo a ~3'x4' stall with this tile? Maybe being paranoid - just checking if that shower shouldn't have been there to beging with. Also plan to put down 5/8" and then 1/4" backer board through whole bathroom as well for tile.

Thanks in advance! And please let me know if additional info is needed.
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Welcome to the forums!

I'm not a tile guy but the way I understand it the floor framing comes into play 2 different ways, the joists size and length and the spacing. 12" centers is one part but what is the joist size and length of span? The other concern with floor tile is the thickness of the floor.
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Yeah I thought about that after I posted - but was already on my way to work Sorry for the delay. But the joists are 2x8's 12" OC with bridging, at ~14-14 1/2 span. Reading I've done suggests this is a pretty solid set-up - and I can detect zero deflection anywhere. The bathroom is also in situated in a outside corner of the house - directly over where the joists enter the foundation.

And to your comment re the 1/2 inch subfloor and tile. I should have clarified. It is a currently a 1/2 subfloor with 5/8 underlayment. I do plan to beef it up accordingly both in the stall (3/4 on top of 1/2) and the bathroom floor before finishing (backer board).

It's a custom built mountain home (70's) with very interesting architecture that's taken some time to figure out structurally. Regardless - thanks for the help to anyone out there. Hope my gut is serving me, and I'm on the right track.


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